Windbound Update 2 - September 2020


UPDATED 7th October 2020 - Xbox One Update

Hi everyone,

Thank you for continuing to report your experiences with Windbound.  We’ve been working hard fixing bugs and our second Windbound update is now deployed for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4. Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch players will receive all of the improvements from update 1 – a full list can be found here – in addition to the updates listed below.  

We are continuing to make adjustments on Stadia and when these are implemented, they will also include all the improvements from updates 1 and 2. Details for the first update on Stadia can be found here.

Build Numbers

  • Steam: 5555810
  • GoG: 1.0.37302.78
  • Epic: 1.0.37344.102
  • PS4: 01.02
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.0.36649.221
  • Xbox:


  • Fixed potential lock-up on exit.
  • Fixed issues where users could experience high input latency.
  • Fixed stability issues.


  • Fixed items potentially being lost when exiting The Crossing while the player was not in control of the boat. 
  • Added a fix to only allow saving if the player is grounded or on a boat. 
  • Fixed issues where grass canoes were taking too much damage from coral.

Game Saves/Death

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn without a boat.
  • Fixed an issue where containers could lose their contents when returning to the world after death.

Creatures & Combat

  • Added a fix for creatures occasionally flying into the air upon death.
  • Fixed a navigation issue where creatures would occasionally freeze.
  • Fixed the occasional 2 second delay before Gorehorn reacts.


  • Added an option to review tutorials from the pause menu in game.
  • Added the option to disable tutorials.
  • Added sailing tutorial refresher prompts.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some collision issues at the base of Nautilus Key towers.
  • Fixed intermittent clipping issues. 
  • Added a fix to ensure profile achievement progress carries over to New Game +.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.

Thanks again for all your feedback. Should you experience any issues with your game please contact us through our support page here:

5 Lives Studios

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