Windbound's Second DLC - Out Now (and Free)


Hi everyone,

As the year draws to a close, we want to thank you for playing Windbound. We’ve been working hard to add more to the game, and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you now.

The major new features with this update are:

  • New Nautilus Key Towers. 
  • Free Sailing Mode.
  • Night Stalker outfit and weapon.

And of course, there’s a slew of fixes and tweaks too.

Build Numbers

  • Steam: 1.2.39494.499
  • Epic: 1.2.39494.185
  • GoG: 1.2.39494.162
  • PS4 US: 1.2.39279.145
  • PS4 EU: 1.2.39359.121
  • PS4 JP: 1.2.39361.96
  • Xbox: 1.2.39364.190
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.2.39400.349
  • Stadia:

Read on for the full DLC contents!

New Features

New Nautilus Key Towers

As you continue your journey in Windbound, you’ll start to encounter new Towers that will test your crafting ability, provide you with puzzles to solve, treasure items to find, and even pit you up against magical creatures before you can claim each Nautilus Key.

Free Sailing Mode

We know some of you just like to heed to the temptation of the open water and sail. In this new mode you can build your ultimate craft and sail to your hearts’ content. If you’ve found the recipe for a boat part, you can use it in this mode straight away. It’s a great way to quickly experiment with boat builds without the pressure of combat and survival.

Night Stalker items

Players may be lucky enough to find a Treasure Map that leads them to hidden Night Stalker items. Rumour has it some maps were left around ancient ruins, but it’s going to take a thorough search to find them…

  • Night Stalker Hood allows Kara to dodge much quicker without using as much stamina
  • Night Stalker Outfit gives Kara the power of invisibility when stealthing, but this drains stamina  
  • Night Stalker Bow fires 2 magical arrows in quick succession after the initial arrow is fired  

For existing save games, Night Stalker Treasure Maps will appear in the next chapter the player reaches, for new save games Night Stalker Treasure Maps will appear from Chapter 1.

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Added a controls diagram to Options/Gameplay (except Stadia).
  • Added game hints to loading screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the game mode was not always saved correctly.
  • Added a Festive hat to Photo Mode – enjoy!
  • Tutorial videos will show for less time when they replay after you have seen them the first time.
  • Increased the performance and quality of grass.
  • Revised the ‘PACIFIST’ achievement to make it easier; finish the game without killing any Razorbacks.

Crafting and Resourcing

  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from selecting tools with lower health if there were multiple in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting was possible in the Meta Hub.
  • Raw food reduces slightly less hunger.
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting animations did not play immediately after moving.
  • Added jerky recipes.
  • Resolved an issue where on occasion, players would only be offered 1 option plus a slot upgrade after The Crossing.

Ocean Combat, Sailing and Boat

  • Changed the action to dismantle boat parts to now require holding the button down so this can’t be done accidentally.
  • Fixed a bug where dismantling a boat didn’t refund resources for attached containers/racks etc.
  • The radius of effect of storms have been increased, as has the wind strength. Good luck sailors!
  • Map reveal radius has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where player projectiles could damage the mast.
  • Canoes and hulls are crafted using the same recipe now.
  • Players can no longer save at the start of The Crossing to prevent them accidentally getting stuck and having no previous save to reload.
  • A new warning has been added when boat components get near critical damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Hookmouths may not be visible to the camera before starting its ram attack.
  • Canoes with sails are now more stable and less likely to topple in high winds, particularly during The Crossing.

Combat and Weapons

  • Updated the attack range of Pondwhompers.
  • Players can now switch ammo via quick select whilst aiming.
  • Fixed an issue where Silkmaws could get stuck when spawning from nest.
  • Increased the loot drop from Tremorlurks.
  • Adjusted Gloomharrow dodge timings.
  • Snake behaviours have been amended.

Platform Specific

  • N/A right now

If you experience any issues after this DLC update, please send us your log and crash dump files. Send them through to or

Thanks again for your continued support. We hope you enjoy this update, and there’s more to come in 2021!

5 Lives Studios