Updates In Windbound - Stadia - March 2021


Hi everyone!
We have released a new update for Stadia which includes the following changes:

Build Number

  • Stadia:


  • “Sailing” on the beach no longer unlocks the Pro Skater achievement.
  • Resolved sporadic crashes caused by tutorial images and tooltips.
  • Improved the look of the loading screen tooltips by removing all unsupported key icons.
  • Resolved occasional crashes upon exiting the game.

Game Stability

We’re resolving issues as quickly as we can, so if you do experience a crash after this update send us your log and crash dump files. Send them through to: https://support.deepsilver.com/games/WBND or support@kochmedia.co.uk.

Thank for all your feedback and your patience.

5 Lives Studios