It’s Time to Brave The Storm – Windbound Out Now!


Firstly, we want to share our heartfelt thanks from the entire Windbound team to all of you for the overwhelming support, excitement, and encouragement you have shared with us since we first announced Windbound in April.

It’s time for you all to start your own adventures with Kara in the Forbidden Islands.

We’re thrilled, after all this time, to finally see you set sail and we’re really looking forward to what kind of boats you’re all going to be building, your creative playstyles towards the different challenges you’ll combat across the islands and your thoughts surrounding all the secrets you’ll uncover with Kara as you reveal the mystery of the archipelago and the storm that surrounds it.

To celebrate the launch of Windbound, we’re proud to unveil our Windbound Launch Trailer:

Windbound Launch Trailer

Developed by the extremely passionate guys at 5 Lives Studio, Windbound has already seen huge traction and excitement. Taking inspiration from some of the most loved survival-crafting games, throwing in a boat and unique story, island hopping has never been more fun...or dangerous. 

In this launch interview with the devs - Mitch, Chris, Brent, and Zander - give you the inside scoop on how Windbound was made, share their favourite moments, and show you around this colorful world and all its creatures. Plus, they allude to the bigger story players will discover - if they survive!

“Windbound is a breezy survival sim that captures the joys of sailing.”

PC Gamer


“Windbound is here to blow a breath of fresh air into a genre which feels like it is sinking.”


And we’re not stopping there, this launch video kicks off a three-part Dev Diary video series, with a new video dropping every Friday.  What makes this world so special? Who is Kara? What inspired the whimsical soundtrack? The Dev Diary series explores all of that and more, featuring the people who spent over three years lovingly crafting every pixel of the game. Visit @WindboundGame social every Friday as 5 Lives Studios share how Windbound came to be from the first sketch on a piece of paper, to the game that it is today.

If you didn’t get chance to pre-order the game to receive Kara’s Ancestral Bonus Gear DLC, don’t worry, there is still time! 

Lastly, there is plenty more to watch for on the horizon with Windbound and we’ll be revealing more exciting news over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

But for now, it’s time to set sail with Kara on a heroic voyage that will see her overcome challenges that test her resolve and will to survive, before she can uncover the long-forgotten history of the Forbidden Islands, and Brave The Storm to return home to her tribe.

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